Mr. Ogweng Emmy- AMC-Planner

This Department is Pioneered and headed by Mr. Ogweng Emmy Senior Economics Planner Apac Municipal

Videos demonstrating the Planner giving Technical Support to head of departments.

The department is mandated to:

Officially collect, analyze and disseminate official statistics for evidence based planning

Produce strategic plans (Development Plans) for Apac municipal Council

Appraise development projects

Undertake surveys and baseline studies for the municipal council

Produce demographic and other socioeconomic indicators for Apac Municipal Council.

Providing technical support for planning and budgeting to head of department through PBS system.

 In this respect, Apac Municipal at a glance is as below:

Essential Facts about Apac Municipality 2020


A transformed, healthy and productive population in a well-planned city by 2040’’


To Strengthen Apac Municipal’s competitiveness for inclusive growth and sustainable urban development”.


Location, Size and Key Geographical/ Climatic Information

Apac Municipality is situated in Northern part of Uganda between longitudes 32o West and 34o East and latitudes 1.59o North and 3o South. It is approximately 280 km (direct) from Kampala via Masindi Port. The municipality is located within the Northern Uganda Economic Corridor (NUEC), an important and dynamic area with integrated networks of infrastructure within a geographical area designed to stimulate economic development. Apac Municipality has great potential for development, being an area endowed with fertile soils, by virtue of its location relative to the river Nile. Agriculture and agro based industry are some of the core economic activities that can be undertaken to stimulate development in the municipality. The Region has an economic advantage of being traversed by Masindi Port Road connecting to Lira, and hence high speed links to the North and North Eastern Uganda. It is bordered by Apac Sub County to the East South and West, Chegere Sub County to the North and Ibuje Sub County to the North West.

The Municipality covers a total area of approximately 231.41 Km2 of which 7% is under permanent Arocha wetland. Apac Municipality generally stands at 3.540ft above sea level. The surrounding is the Northern Ugandan plateau consisting mainly of undulating flat land surfaces separated by wide permanent and/or seasonal swamps. The whole of Apac Municipality is drained by Arocha swamp flowing westwards into river Nile

The climate is relatively warm with rainfall always well distributed from April to October, during which mean monthly rainfall exceeds 110mm. The main dry seasons are December – march with short dry spell in June. The peak rainfall months are May and August.

The soils are variable and are generally sandy clay and sandy loamy with low organic matter and low to medium nutrient availability.

The Natural vegetation of Apac Municipal and its immediate surroundings is moist cumbersome savanna mainly with scattered shrubs in the grassland, although some woodland also exists.

Land tenure system in Apac Municipal Council is of customary, freehold and leasehold type, with customary being dominant. There is personal attachment to land making land conflicts rampant. The women and youth who are the most productive have limited opportunity to influence land utilization.

Historical Background

Basing on the central government move to create more Municipalities, Apac municipality was operationalized in July 2016. It was born through the efforts of the leaders of Apac district who strongly lobbied for Apac Town Council basing on the fact that it had remained in the same status for over 30 years.

Current Administrative Units

AGULU DIVISION: 5 Wards,  26 Cells
Wormwaka WardAwir WardTe-Ibu WardOdokomac WardAminteng Ward
Agulu CellAlwangi A CellVillage Inn CellOmukuwie CellAminteng East Cell
Barobia CellAlwangi B CellAlwala CellAwikot CellOgei Cell
Odongjwiyo CellBarowelo South CellTe-Ibu CellAngu A CellDwokcan Cell
Amati CellAwir CellTabora CellAngu B CellOkiilera Cell
Ilera Cell Acutayiki CellAngina CellAnyapo Too Ibade
Upper Centre Cell  Olili South 
AKERE DIVISION: 4 Wards, 22 Cells
Central WardAngayiki WardDam WardAyera Ward
Biashara  CellAngayiki CellBarodong CellAtopi Prison Cell
Centre C CellAnyalo CellOcok Can CellAyera Cell
Akere CellAngayiki B CellAlyec Imalo CellAtopi South Cell
Alwala CellTe-Ibu West CellAlyeciping CellBarayom Cell
Dulowelo CellAminteng West CellAwinya CellAyera B Cell
Agengi Cell   
Hospital and Around Cell   
AROCHA DIVISION: 7 Wards,  32 Cells
Oyo WardTemogo WardAtopi WardBarodong Ward
Bama A CellTemogo A CellObapodyang CellBarodong B Cell
Pamamunu CellTemogo B CellAtopi B CellCentre C North Cell
Bama B CellTeniang CellAtopi A CellBaraboce Cell
Corner View CellOngoda CellArak CellAboo Cell
Tecwao Cell 
Owang WardNgec WardAdok Ward
Owang Central West CellAcekene Luwero CellAbeibuti Cell
Owang CellAcekene BugolobiAwiri Cell
Atik CellAcekene CellAngeokoma Cell
Matimimor West CellAporotuku CellBaralop Cell
Otiba CellArak Cell 
Barajiri Cell  
ATIK DIVISION: 4 Wards,  17 Cells
Bardek WardBung WardIndustrial WardOlill Ward
Owang Central CellWelo CellAkar CellOlili North Cell
Bardek A CellArocha CellMarket Street CellOmukuwie A Cell
Bardek B CellOrwai CellIndustrial Area CellBarowelo North Cell
Matimiamor CellAtikbung CellNightingale Cell 
Ayommaka Gwata CellAtik Cell  
Total Divisions: 4, Total Wards: 20, Total Cells:97


Total Divisions            4

Total Wards                 20

Total Cells                   97

Current Staffing

Town ClerkU1SE                         110
Personal secretaryU 4                         110
DriverU 8                         110
Sub-Total                               330
Deputy Town ClerkU 1E                         110
Assistant Town ClerkU 4                         110
Communication OfficerU 4                         101
Records OfficerU 4                          110
IT OfficerU 4                         110
Senior Law Enforcement OfficerU 4                         110
Stenographer SecretaryU 5                         220
Senior Office SupervisorU 5                         110
Assistant Records OfficerU 5                         101
Pool StenographerU 6                         211
Office TypistU 7                         101
Office AttendantU 8                         660
DriverU 8                         7  
PorterU 8                         220
AskariU 8                         220
Sub-Total                             3019 
Principal TreasurerU 2                         110
Senior AccountantU 3                         110
Senior Financial OfficerU 3                         101
Senior PlannerU 3                         110
PlannerU 4                         110
AccountantU 4                         110
Finance OfficerU 4                         110
Senior Accounts AssistantU 5                         330
Assistant Inventory Management OfficerU 5                         211
Sub- Total                             12102
Senior Human Resource OfficerU3               110
Human ResourceU4               110
Sub-Total                             02020
Procurement OfficerU4                        110
Assistant Procurement OfficerU5                        101
Internal Audit Department 
Senior Internal AuditorU 3                         110
Internal AuditorU 4                         110
Sub- Total                          020200
Municipal Engineering ( Princ. Executive Engineer)U2                         1  01
Superintendent of Work/ Civil Engineer (Roads & Buildings)U4                         110
Senior Assistant Engineering Officer (Elec & Mech)U4                         202
Assistant Engineering OfficerU5                         211
Road InspectorU6                         110
Plant AttendantU8                         211
PorterU8                         101
Plant OperatorU8                         202
Sub-Total                             12  
Environmental Management Unit 
Senior Environment OfficerU3                         101
Environment OfficerU4SC                         110
Sub- total                              02                      0101
Physical Planning Unit                           
Senior Physical PlannerU3                         101
Physical PlannerU4                         110
Land SupervisorU6                   110
SurveyorU6                   101
Sub-Total                             04                       0202
Directorate of Education
Principal Education OfficerU 2                         110
Senior Inspector of Schools.U 3                         101
Inspector of Schools.U 4                         110
Education Officer (Guidance and Counselling)U 4                         110
Sports Officer.U 4                         101
Sub-total                              050302
Community Based Services Department
Principal Community Development Officer.U2                      110
Community Development OfficerU4                         150
Probation and Welfare OfficerU4                         101
Labour OfficerU4                         101
LibrarianU4                         101
Assistant LibrarianU6                         101
Library AttendantU8                         101
Sub- Total                             070605
Production Unit
Senior Agricultural Officer U3                      110
Agricultural OfficerU4                 110
Veterinary OfficerU4 Lower                 101
Assistant Fisheries OfficerU5101
Assistant Entomology OfficerU5101
Sub-total                         050203
Trade, Industry and Local Economic Development.
Principal Commercial OfficerU 2                101
Commercial OfficerU 4                1                      10
Assistant Commercial OfficerU 5                101
  03                        0102


Administration                                                                        25

Finance                                                                                    10

Statutory Bodies                                                                     2

Production and Marketing                                                      2

Health                                                                                     7

Municipal Education Dept (Headquarters staff)                    3

Education: Primary School teachers                                       239

Secondary School staff                                                          53

Technical School staff                                                             29

Total number of staff in Education Dept                               324

Roads and Engineering                                                           6

Community Based Services                                                    4

Internal Audit                                                                         2

Planning                                                                                  1

Trade Industry and LED                                                        1


Demographic and Health Indicators

DivisionNo. of householdsMaleFemaleTotal

The population growth as per original Apac Town Council

Year1968198019912002201420162020 Projected
No. of people3791716721610,13714,16050,69258,170

NB: The population increase is attributed to the extension of the boundary to include some of the growth centers formerly in neighboring Apac Sub County.


Total Population (Census 2014)          50,962

Males                                                   24,678

Females                                               26,014

Urban                                                  47,904.28 (94%)

Rural                                                   3,057.72 (6%)

Growth rate (2002-2014)                  3.25 %


Total Fertility Rate (TFR)                   7.07%

Crude Birth Rate (CBR)                     51/1000

Mortality: Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 114/1000 live birth Child Mortality Rate (CMR) 191/1000 live birth

Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)        505/100,000

Crude Death Rate (CDR)                   16/1000

Life Expectancy       

Females                                   53.0years

Males                                       47.7 years

Both sexes                               50.3 years

Sex Ratio 95/100 (i.e 95 males for every 100 females)

Ethnicity                                 98%Lango

Largest religion (Catholics)  46%

Population Density    219.057 persons/km2

Development programs under Planning goes here!