The overall purpose of Finance department is to “ensure proper management and accountability for the financial resources of the municipality’’. The Municipal/ Principal Treasurer is the Head of this Department



  • Financial management
  • Revenue
  • Expenditure
  • Accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic/ economic planning

The key activities under financial management involve the following;-

  1.     Preparing budgets and work plans.
  2.   Raising funds and supervising timely collection of revenue.
  3.   Timely processing and transferring of sector funds thereby contributing to the growth of the municipality.
  4.   Maintaining and controlling main and subsidiary accounts.
  5.   Preparing financial statements and reports.
  6.   Preparing final accounts.
  7.  Reconciling bank accounts.
  8.   Adequately answering audit queries.


Manned by the Economic Planner. Key roles and responsibilities

  1.  Aligning the Three Year Development Plan to the National Development Plan.
  2.  Production of the Budget Framework Paper.
  3.  Conducting the Annual Budget conference.
  4.  Coordinate the existing Municipal Information Systems such as CIS and LoGICS Plus.
  5.  Maintain and update the Municipal database for planning purposes
  6.   Mentoring Lower Local Governments in preparation of division development plans.
  7. Preparing work plans, cumulative and progressive reports.
  8. Preparing municipal Annual Reports and Statistical abstract.


  1. Principal Treasurer (1) – Heads the department.
  2. Senior Planner (1)
  3. Senior Accountant (2)
  4. Accountant (1)
  5. Treasurers (4) – head of division finance.
  6. Senior accounts assistants (3)
  7. Treasurer Assistant (4)


Local revenue:

  1. Local service tax
  2. Local hotel tax
  3. Market due
  4. Parking fees- bus and taxi park fees
  5. Property rate
  6. Ground rent
  7. Inspection fees
  8. Advertisement and billboard
  9. Animal and crop related levies

Central government releasers/transfers:

  1. USMID
  3. Conditional grants wage and non-wage
  4. Unconditional grant- wage and non-wage
  5. DDEG

Revenue performance for the financial years 2017/2018-2019/2010

Revenue source2017/20182018/20192019/2020Remarks
 Budget  Out-turnBudget  Out-turnBudget  Out-turn  
Local Revenue 116,343,654109,080,000129,729,032 Accounts in process  
Conditional Grants 3,749,137,621 4,849,033,915    
Unconditional Grants 677,897,315 1,138,775,494    
Road 151,529,325 457,408,305    
Other Govt Transfers-MAAIF 0 162,661,939    
  4,694,907,915 6,737,608,685    

Finance and Planning is a department in Apac Municipal Council. It is responsible for the “all financial transactions and accounts of the council. It the receiver, payer and account for all monies on behalf of council in a prudent, efficient and effective manner. The department is responsible for the planning, coordination and harmonization of departmental budgets, Budget desk, preparation of periodic financial reports, and response to financial audit queries

The department is headed by the Principal Treasurer who work hand in hand with the Senior Planner who heads the Planning section soon to be a department.


The department has sub-sectors of;

  1. Financial management.
  2. Revenue
  3. Accounting
  4. Budgeting


The department is headed by the principal treasurer and deputized by two senior accountants, accountant expenditure and revenue.

Other staff are; one accountant, 3 senior accounts assistants, one account assistants at the headquarters and four DIVISION Treasurers and four division Treasurer Assistants.

Development programs under Finance goes here!