Apac MC Councilors and Technical staffs tour in Gulu City

Apac Municipal Council conducted a study tour to Gulu City Council on the 6th/10/2020. The theme of the tour was to share experience and bench mark USMID implementations activities in the areas of Solid waste management,Education management,PBS related issues and challenges, Development Planning and Roads Construction.

Apac Municipal Councilors and Technical Staffs Boarded Acanadiro buses for a study Tour to Gulu City
The Tour teams arrived in the City and they were first welcomed by the standing post to confirm the realty of the city
Tour Teams Group Photos infront of Gulu City Council Offices.
The City Town clerk, Apac MC Town Clerk,The Mayor Apac MC,The Deputy Mayor Apac MC and The President USMDI MDF assembled at the Gulu SS for prentations from their Counterparts.
Part of the group photos infront of the City Council Offices
The Tour Teams Assembled at Gulu SS waiting for presentations
The City Town Clerk Welcoming the Tour Teams at the Presentations Venue.
The Senior Planner and Gulu City USMID Coordinator making Presentations on the implementations of USMID activities and giving guidance on the utilizations of funds to achieve the targets as they did and became the best in USMID Project implementations and Apac MC hope to copy the strategies.
Honorable Councilors are quite attentive to the presentations such that they understand well and implement the key points at Apac MC so as to fully satisfy their electorates.
The USMID Coordinator Apac Municipal Council who doubles as PCDO and Radio Devine FM news anchor Moses Adoko Okello are picking up the points and the community of Apac MC are expecting positive outcome of the tour from you.
Apac MC Clerk to Council Mr.Apel Nelson is so keen and taking up the key points for compilation and implementation by the council mean while the Speaker Mr. Mamen helps him save some in his natural storage media. More photos to come and the videos’ for the Tour……….

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